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  1. Covid-19 update - Online Closure

    Covid-19 update - Online Closure

    Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, our phone lines will now be closed.


    Any orders placed online during our closure will unfortunately not be processed until we re-open.

    If you have any issues, please email and we will respond as soon as we're able.

    Sincere apologies for all the uncertainties.

    In the meantime, please stay safe and stay at home!


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  2. Tile Trends: Metallic Effect

    Tile Trends: Metallic Effect

    Whoever thought you could have a tile which looks like a sheet of metal? But it’s true, the metallic effect tile most certainly is a trend well sought after. Although popular years ago, the metallic tile trend had died out, but in 2020 it looks to be making a comeback!

    Shiny metal accessories can make a room look high tech and stylish and these days, interior designers choose to replicate this look in the wallpaper or tiles. Continue reading

  3. Christmas 2019 opening hours

    Christmas 2019 opening hours



    We close for Christmas on Monday 23rd December at 5:30pm

    Orders placed after 13th December may not be dispatched until the new year.
    Please call our sales office on 01234 324592 prior to ordering, if you need your order before Christmas.  Continue reading

  4. Bathroom tile trends

    Bathroom tile trends

    Renovating your bathroom can prove to be a huge project if you don’t know what you’re looking for, yet it’s the ideal room to take a risk and show off your personality. A great place to start is with the tiles, as once chosen, you’ll be able to visualise the stunning backdrop to your dream bathroom.

    Let’s have a look at this year’s most popular tile trends to make it less of a mind-boggling task. Continue reading

  5. Natural stone tiles - the pros and cons

    Natural stone tiles - the pros and cons

    It’s that time of year when we’ve had our holidays abroad and now have been thrown back to reality. Recreating the beautiful interiors closer to home will give a daily reminder of the tranquil lifestyle away, which may well help with the post-holiday blues!

    In the Mediterranean, you’ll see an abundance of warm and textured local materials. Natural stone, such as terracotta or marble tiles will often be the first choice in their interior design. Continue reading

  6. The merits of Schlüter-Systems underfloor heating

    The merits of Schlüter-Systems underfloor heating

    Are you upgrading your floors and sifting through your list of options? Hard floors, such as tiles or laminates have become increasing popular in recent times, boasting qualities such as durability, low maintenance and ease of cleaning. But one of the main drawbacks that keeps popping up is the coldness. After all, who wants to step out of bed or from a lovely warm bath onto piercing chilled floor tiles? Not I! Continue reading

  7. Original Style: Multitude of mosaics

    Original Style: Multitude of mosaics

    New things are always a cause of excitement and bound to create a buzz. We were eager to see the beautiful new additions to the mosaic collection – new in from Original Style. We all picked our favourites and there was indeed something for everyone.

    Mosaic tiles can bring colour and texture to your room, adding an eye-catching display for a feature wall or floor. Continue reading

  8. Porcelain tiles - the pros and cons

    Porcelain tiles - the pros and cons

    A porcelain tile could be described as a glorified ceramic. Both materials start out as clay, but the difference lies in the manufacturing process where porcelain is fired at a far higher temperature and with greater pressure. It is also made from a more refined and purified clay, resulting in a superior tile which is stronger, with a harder and more water-resistant surface. Continue reading

  9. 40% Off Porcelanosa Sale

    40% Off Porcelanosa Sale

    It’s getting to the time of year when we’re seeing Bank Holidays popping up… This can mean only one thing – time for a spot of DIY!

    If you have renovation plans in mind, our Porcelanosa sale could not have come at a better time. You can save an incredible 40% off Porcelanosa’s recommended retail prices from 17th May to 16th June at Tiles & Bathrooms Online. Continue reading

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